Enjoy the best view in Plettenberg Bay at la Vista Lodge

Enjoy the best view in Plettenberg Bay at la Vista Lodge

Plettenberg Bay has great views from many corners. Even our Market on Main has a sea view. Our Bars have sea views. Excellent Restaurants with Sea view we aren’t short of. Some offer views directly at the beach ( Enrico‘s in Keurboomstrand, the Lookout Deck at Lookout Beach)

...and then there is la Vista Lodge.

Plettenberg Bay

The Garden Route has so many places to explore. It´s a true holiday paradise. Still the best view is right at your destination. We have guests that stay days at the house and don´t want to leave. Luckily Plett Weather is favourable most of the time with 27 Degrees on Average in Summer and in the low 20 Degrees on sunny Winter Days!

A worldclass view and what you can see

  1. We do have a beach view! You can see entire Lookout Beach from our Lagoon facing Luxury-Suites from between 90-100m above sea level.
  2. High Tide and Low Tide changing colors and shapes of your scene every minute, hour and day
  3. Keurboomsriver and Keurboomsriver Mouth
  4. Tsitsikamma Mountain Range
  5. Western Cape and Eastern Cape
  6. Pansyshell Sandbank
  7. Waves breaking
  8. Goosevalley Golfcourse
  9. The Crags Plettenberg Bay‘s activity hub and wine region.
  10. Nature Valley is not far from la Vista
  11. Stormsriverpeak above the horizon
  12. Millions of indigenous Trees.
  13. Hundreds of Houses in all colors
  14. Market Square Shopping Center :)
  15. Plettenberg Mall
  16. The Garden Route
  17. All kinds of Boats in the Lagoon
  18. Two kinds of horizons (One above sea and one above mountains)
  19. You can see all kinds of skys, weather patterns, clouds and their mirroring effect on the lagoon and the sea.
  20. Bahia Formosa or beautiful bay.
  21. Formosa Peak the highest Mountain on the horizon.

What you can spot with good eyes

  1. The Whaletale View Site
  2. Stand Up Paddle Boarders
  3. Milkwoodmanor
  4. The Lookout Deck
  5. Enrico‘s and Keurboomstrand
  6. The Spaceship House - A multi million Mansion at the Beach
  7. The Lighthouse at Robberg Peninsula
  8. Keurbooms Caravan and Camping Site

What you can see when you are lucky

  • A Full Moon Rise above the Horizon
  • Flamingos, Pods of Dolphins, Whales blowing or breaching, Seals hunting in the Lagoon
  • Penguin Release at Lookout Beach
  • When you are staying in Off-Season (Secret Season) you can probably see spectacular sunrises ever. Due to the sun rising from behind the Mountain Range sunrises are more dramatic in South African winter.
  • The mist coming in and out of the bay.
  • Cape St. Francis Light House blinking at the end of the horizon (means it´s a crisp clear day)
  • Snow on Peak Formosa

What you can see when you keep returning to la Vista Lodge

  • Summer in Plettenberg Bay: Sun rising above the Indian Ocean.
  • Winter in Plettenberg Bay: Locals and travelers agree. Winter Sunrises in Plett are on another level. Sun rising much slower from behind the mountain range adding more drama to the sky.
  • New beautiful shapes of the everchanging Lagoon of Plettenberg Bay. The Keurbooms Lagoon will look different everytime you keep returning.
  • Winter Storms coming and disappearing from the comfort of your rooms.
  • The Return of Lookout Beach: Few places of the world can witness entire changes of the coast. After iconic Lookout Beach has been washed away in 2007 it has slowly returned since 2012 to be back more beautiful than ever. Sensitive Dune Vegetation is slowly taking over Lookout Beach again.

The expansion and further transition and development of Plettenberg Bay from village to town.

Hopefully a sustainable future


To complete the list...

we do have Seaview ;) 

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