Is Plettenberg Bay Part of the Famous Garden Route?

Is Plettenberg Bay Part of the Famous Garden Route?

If you’ve researched vacation ideas for South Africa, you’ve likely come across information about the Garden Route and may be wondering if Plettenberg Bay is on it.

What Is the Garden Route South Africa?

The garden route in South Africa is a 300-kilometer stretch of coastline known for its lush and verdant vegetation. Due to the temperate regional topography, the Garden Route has a Goldilocks climate — it’s never too hot and never too cold.

A Holiday in Plettenberg Bay

Called Plet or Plett by locals, Plettenberg Bay is a picturesque town. About 600 kilometers from Cape Town, Plettenberg’s economic roots are linked to whaling. Today, the posh area is mainly a bedroom community of vacation homes and boutique resorts that welcomes seasonal guests.

Plettenberg Bay at night

Plettenberg Bay at night viewed from La Vista Lodge

A Brief History of Plettenberg Bay

Humans first occupied Plettenberg Bay over 100,000 years ago and lived in the Nelson Bay caves. Archeologists continue to excavate the area, and guests can tour the caves, which contain remnants of indigenous ornaments, food debris, and tools.

Portuguese explorers charted the bay in the early 1400s and named it Bahia Formosa, meaning “beautiful bay.” In the 1700s, the Dutch East India Company set up barracks in the region. By 1779, then-governor Joachim van Plettenberg had renamed the area after himself, and the region became an Afrikaan stronghold.

These days, Plettenberg Bay is a holiday locale with notable conservation and ecological attractions.

Plettenberg Weather and Geography

Plettenberg Bay enjoys a temperate and even-keeled climate with little rainfall. Cape Seal at Robberg Peninsula, which separates the bay from the Indian Ocean, caps the town’s southernmost point. To the north are the Tsitsikamma and Langkloof Mountains.

Plettenberg is a typical J-shaped bay with a picturesque, postcard-perfect lagoon.

Vacationing in Plettenberg

Plettenberg is known for its ecotourism and outdoor activities. Popular attractions in and around the area include:

  • Robberg Peninsula Nature Reserve
  • Birds of Eden, the world’s largest free-flight aviary
  • Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary (Image Below)
  • Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre
  • Otter Trail
  • Whale watching

(Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, Image Credit: TripAdvisor)

Plus, Plettenberg Bay is a naturally stunning locale with golden-sand beaches. For a complete list of available activities, Google “Garden Route Plettenberg Bay.”

Whether you spend your days in town lounging on a sun-soaked balcony or adventuring on a mountain bike tour, kayaking trip, or whale watching excursion, Plett is a great, family-friendly getaway.

Three airports service the region, including George and Port Elizabeth Airports and the Plettenberg Bay Aerodrome.

And if you’re in search of a great place to stay while in Plettenberg Bay, look no further than La Vista Lodge.            

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