Hiking Trails on Robberg Nature Reserve

Hiking Trails on Robberg Nature Reserve

Hiking routes in Robberg Nature Reserve

One would think that the nature-loving visitors on a holiday to South Africa could hardly find anything more spectacular than stunning coastal scenery. But they should visit Robberg Nature Reserve, where one can enjoy both this view and an abundance of wildlife in their natural environment!

The 2 kilometer long strip of land offers breathtaking panoramic views over Table Bay as well - it seems like you're looking right down at Cape Point from atop its rock formations or swimming through open sea water while admiring seals playing all around.

Robberg Peninsula

The breathtaking views from the 120 meter high rock ridge are so mesmerizing that you might forget about your worries for a minute. With an endless stretch of pristine beaches at its feet and dolphins playing in front, Robberg Nature Reserve makes one feel like they're living their perfect life as if all other problems have been solved with this paradise around them

The stunning view on top - whether it be during sunset or sunrise- will remind visitors what really matters most: nature's beauty which is kept safe by protection efforts made year after.

The La Vista Lodge is an ideal destination to start your hike in the Robberg Nature Reserve. The peninsula only takes less than 15 minutes of driving from this lodging.

The following article will show us some amazing places we should go after our walks around these incredible trails with amazing views that seem impossible not take photos at least once during our visit because they're so perfect right outside their doors waiting for people like us who want something different - fresh air mixed up amongst trees swaying gently back & forth under gentle breeze while waves break upon shoreline below creating fascinating patterns 


The perfect getaway awaits you at La Vista Lodge, Plettenberg Bay. book your trip today and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this South African paradise!


The walks at the gates of Plettenberg Bay on Robberg Peninsula are some of the best in all South Africa.

Robberg Nature Reserve on the Garden Route offers hiking trails for every condition and in all seasons. The peninsula protects Plettenberg Bay from harsh Atlantic surf, while also providing an escape point when Mother Nature takes her turn with stormy winds or drenching downpours!

Robberg Nature Reserve - Hiking Trail

On one side of this picturesque nature park you'll find another small peninsular extension which connects it to its more famous sibling; face- wrestlers "Tombolo" (the Italian word meaning 'to tie') forms an imposing wall through whelming waves that give way only shortly before they break over crashing cliffs below.

The Robberg sand dune is a unique natural phenomenon that can be observed in the Nature Reserve. On one side, wind blows up an 120 meters high deposit; however on another side it falls down into water providing seals with protection from predators as they swim around their colony located 50 meters offshore.

Seals in Plettenberg Bay at Robberg Peninsula

Here are some tips for hiking in the Robberg Nature Reserve.

Have you already got the urge to go hiking on this wonderful island? Below we give you all the information about the best trails. One thing in advance: No matter which route you choose, you should always go clockwise. Otherwise you will make things unnecessarily difficult for yourself in some places. Particularly steep sections of the path over narrow stone steps on the rock formations are always better uphill than downhill.


There are different hiking routes in Robberg Nature Reserve.

Even without a long hike, the viewing platform just 50 meters from the parking lot offers you a magnificent view and a breathtaking view over the sea. However, if you want to go on a hike, then there are 3 hikes that are worth it. They are short, medium and longer.

- Short - 2 miles (3 km)
- Medium - 4 miles (6.5 km)
- Longer - 7 miles (9,2 km).


The Gap (3 km)

The Gap is the easiest and shortest circular hike that is 3 kilometers long. You should allow about 45 minutes for the hike. The Gap is an indentation in the ridge of Robberg that provides a great view of The Island, as well as Tombolo Beach and the rock formations on the peninsula.

Robberg Nature Reserve - Beach

Robberg Nature Reserve - Beach at the Gap

The Gap - Robberg Peninsula in PlettenbergBay



Witsand (6,5 km)

The route "Witsand" is about five and a half kilometers long. It takes about two hours to go on this tour. You see the offshore peninsula on the back of Robberg on this route. You can see the seal colony.

At the top of Robberg, you will have wonderful views of the sea and the beautiful bays nearby. The hiking trail turns at Witsand, which is a sand dune.


The Point (9,2 km)

Be brave: If you're feeling adventurous, the Robberg Peninsula is worth exploring by foot. For those who are fit and have good walking legs this whole round trip will take four-to six hours depending on how long they want to spend at each point along their journey (nine kilometers total). Past Witsand -the sand dune-, hikers follow a cliffside trail that leads towards Eastern Tip where there's plenty land for picnicking too!

Bonus Hike: The Island

you can chose if you hike to the island and extend your hike. It‘s well worth it. A true hidden gem on the Garden Route that offers spectacular scenery for epic photoshoots.

The Island - Robberg Peninsula
Adventure photo: The Island - on Robberg Peninsula , South Africa (on a cloudy day in April)

What you can do during a hike

A hike in Robberg Nature Reserve on the Garden Route, South Africa, is anything but boring. There are numerous highlights that you can choose according to your mood.

relief stress and strengthen your relationship

hiking is a great way for you and your significant other to bond. It offers mental health benefits, such as lowering stress levels which can enhance communication in relationships!

Just being around nature is enough to reduce stress. A healthy lifestyle will keep the love alive by keeping both minds at peace with one another too.

Hiking is a great way to improve your relationships with others. It’s an outdoor activity that requires collaboration, physical strength and agility in order to accomplish goals together -a fantastic benefiting for strengthening interpersonal ties!

bird and wildlife observation

At any time of the year you can spot birds during your hike on the peninsula of Robberg Nature Reserve. The Robberg is home to nesting sites for seagulls, cormorants and other seabirds

Robberg Peninsula Wildlife

Swimming or snorkelling with Seals

The bay with its wonderful blue water invites you to swim. Please always ensure the necessary safety when swimming: There are sometimes strong currents. Children in particular should never swim unsupervised in the bay.

Have a picnic

Robberg Peninsula - Picnic SpotThe numerous picnic areas along the trails offer a wonderful view of the peninsula. Here you have all the options for a successful picnic: tables, benches and water to drink. All you have to do is bring your own delicacies.



If you are a keen angler, you can rock and surf fishing at the Robberg Nature Reserve. Please get a fishing permit beforehand, for example at a post office. La Vista Lodge will be happy to provide you with information on this.

Watch whales, seals and dolphins from the shore

Spot southern right whales from Robberg Nature Reserve. In whale watching season between June and November, the whales come to the bay to calve. But seals and dolphins also cavort in the sea and can be observed in the wild.


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More information and great tips about the Robberg Nature Reserve in Plettenberg Bay

Entry to the Robberg Nature Reserve costs 40 Rand per adult - that's a good two euros. The reserve is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in summer and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in winter.

Good to know: You can always find a space for your car in the large car park right at the entrance to the hiking trail. There is also information about the tides here: If you want to run the big loop "The Point", you should definitely keep an eye on the water level and the clock.

If hiking has made you hungry, why not enjoy a delicious meal in one of the excellent restaurants only minutes from Robberg Nature Reserve!



All Hikes in the Robberg Nature Reserve are a must-do for nature lovers and hikers. Whether you're looking to take it easy with some sightseeing and just taking incredible photos for your next stories or get your adrenaline pumping as part of an adventure, there's trails that will suit any fitness level!


Collect memories - not Things

Book your trip to Plettenberg Bay, South Africa today and have an unforgettable holiday at La Vista Lodge!

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