Garden Route South Africa

Garden Route South Africa

Garden Route South Africa: Discover Paradise

South Africa is a country that captivates more and more travel enthusiasts. Unique landscapes, fascinating wildlife, an incredible variety of activities makes it particularly attractive for any person who has not yet been there to see what all this "southern charm" entails! The Garden Route in South Africa offers unique views across the south tier which was recently voted among CNN's five top roads around world - ranking right up there with Italy’s Amalfi Coast or California Highway 1 depending on preference (maybe even surpassing them!).

Garden Route South Africa 

What is the Garden Route in South Africa?

The Garden Route is a road that stretches east from Port Elizabeth and ends at Mossel Bay. The length of this route can vary depending on who you ask, but no two opinions seem to agree with one another as it changes based off their preference for which regional boundaries should be included in use when describing the South Africa's "garden." This makes sense since there are so many things worth seeing along its 220 km long path through various regions - including Tsitsikamma National Park!

The Garden Route, which begins in Port Elizabeth and leads to Cape Town is one of the highlights on offer for visitors.

Table Mountain in Cape Town

The route winds along INDIAN OCEAN coastline before leading again into South Africa's steppe interior with its vast open spaces that are perfect for exploring by car or bike alike!

The paradise-like region makes it easy to enjoy excellent vacations without having any worries about transport difficulties while still being close enough should you wish take advantage an attractions near Johannesburg like Kruger National Park - where majestic game roam free outside their usual habitat boundaries.

This is what awaits you on the Garden Route

The diversity of the Garden Route is reflected in the richness of colors in nature. In contrast to the north, the landscape in the south is characterized by a multitude of nuances. Nature shines in lush green and mixes with the tones of the flora and fauna to create a unique color spectacle. The turquoise ocean blends with the sky to form a sea of blue. Kilometers of beaches and the beautiful coastal and mountain panorama are very special eye-catchers.

Garden Route - Lookout Beach

The Garden Route is known to locals and tourists as the most popular road in South Africa. It is praised as an absolute must in the travel guide and is primarily recommended for a road trip. Because on the famous route there are countless travel destinations that invite you to take a breather: hidden bays, interesting places and hotspots for travel planning. Their unique charm is a mixture of different factors.

Detour please?

Further highlights can be reached in just a few minutes by car from the Garden Route in South Africa. A visit to the coastal village of Hermanus is worthwhile to follow in the footsteps of the whales. If you want to experience South Africa from a culinary point of view, you should pay a visit to Montagu. The region is known for its excellent wine and brandy.

Tremendous Pleasure

On this route, travelers are not only offered an incredibly beautiful view. A look at the animal world is also possible: The Goukamma Nature Reserve impresses with its extensive bird life and Oudtshoorn is considered the Mecca of ostrich farming. Animal lovers get their money's worth in the Tsitsikamma National Park and the Addo Elephant Park shows lions and elephants up close..

Activities over activities

The Garden Route offers something for every traveler. Whether you're looking to spend your days relaxing on the beach or diving into nature, there are activities that suit everyone! The region also includes some of South Africa's most breath-taking natural scenery including wildlife reserves where visitors can feast their eyes upon endless varieties of flora and fauna while avid sports enthusiasts benefit from an incredible range about choices when it comes time for them outdoor adventures: surfing, kayaking golfing hiking mountain tours all provide fun in different ways depending what exactly adventure seeker inside each one us wants out get from

Brief overview of the Garden Route

If you go on a trip in South Africa, a round trip on the Garden Route covers many stops and sights of this beautiful country::

  • Swellendam

  • Mossel Bay

  • Oudtshoorn

  • George

  • Wilderness

  • Plettenberg Bay

  • Knysna

  • Tsitsikamma National Park

  • Jeffrey's Bay

  • Port Elizabeth

  • Addo Elephant National Park


The Garden Route is a magical place that will make you feel like your mind has been transported to another world. You can experience this feeling for yourself if at least two weeks are planned with enough time spent driving around and seeing all the sights! Roads in South Africa may be rough during rainy season, but when it's hot outside there's nothing better than basking under an ocean breeze while taking advantage of some delicious seafood meals along way too beautiful coastlines.

A trip down route 65 might just do wonders on relaxing any stressors from work or school - not mention how breathtakingly gorgeous everything looks after riding out winter blues away .

Plettenberg Bay – Relaxation Oasis as Starting Point

Plettenberg Bay is a city in the Western Cape province of South Africa, where you will find a variety to suit any palate.  It's located so that it doesn't require much driving, but has plenty of things to take up your time when you're there!  The citizens enjoy an excellent atmosphere with restaurants and bars that offer both local cuisine as well as international food choices from around the world!

With only about 32000 inhabitants living there though it isn't very big yet visitors can experience everything this beautiful destination has for them when staying at one its many hotels or guesthouses which include La Vista Lodge - a top notch establishment conveniently located near all major attractions within walking distance so guests have no excuse not not explore what makes these places great places while visiting during their vacation time.

Plettenberg Bay Beach

Since Plettenberg Bay is located directly on the coast of the Indian Ocean, water sports enthusiasts and beach lovers flock to the place. At Plettenberg Bay Beaches you can pass the time and every now and then you can even catch a glimpse of whales and dolphins.

In addition, the Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary was built not far from Plettenberg Bay. Here snakes and various mammals can be admired.

Hiking on Robberg Nature Reserve

The Robberg Nature Reserve is a true natural paradise. With the help of locals, you can discover hidden spots that make hikes into this remarkable reserve an unforgettable experience Prehistoric artifacts and extraordinary rock formations date back to ancient times when South Africa was first settled by humans and offer visitors diversion in addition to being stunningly beautiful!.

Hiking on Robberg Peninsula


Knysna - enjoy the beautiful lagoon landscape

Knysna is a small town with beautiful nature and amazing beaches. The area's cliffs make for an incredible view that you can't find anywhere else in South Africa, including 32 Kilometers away from Plettenberg Bay! Knysna should definitely be included when visiting this part of the country.

Tsitsikamma National Park – Oasis in the Heart of the Garden Route

The Tsitsikamma National Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts with its lush rainforests and unspoiled natural landscapes. The area offers scenic highlights as well as insights into animal life, making it both educational and enjoyable to visit the park's many trails which range from easy walks through quiet forests or longer hikes up high mountainsides where one can spot unusual animals like elephants in their natural habitat! For those who enjoy active adventuring there are plenty of opportunities too – whether yoking yourself tandem abseiling down dramatic valleys. walls on cables crossed only by bridges over rivers

Nature’s Valley – Insider Tip

The resort of Nature's Valley connects to the Tsitsikamma National Park and is one of the top travel tips on the Garden Route. The place is not very big and for this reason it is greatly underestimated. In fact, Nature's Valley has a beautiful bay that is almost untouched. The deserted beach invites you to linger and offers privacy and tranquility.

Within this secret destination is another secret little known treasure. A spectacular hike to one of the most beautiful s-shaped lagoons imaginable.

The Salt River Lagoon and Hike.

De Hoop Nature Reserve – the Juwel of the Western Cape

The De Hoop Nature Reserve arouses true storms of enthusiasm among holidaymakers. White sand dunes stretch for several kilometers and form a strong contrast to the turquoise blue sea. The view is amazing and sometimes even whales or dolphins get lost in this beautiful place.

The Hoop Nature Reserve is also suitable for hiking and cycling tours. Time can be forgotten on the winding paths and the breathtaking landscape burns into your memory forever. The wetland "De Hoop Vlei" is home to more than 260 species of birds. You only have to pay a small entrance fee to marvel at the exotic birds

Cape Agulhas – Tip of Africa

Cape Agulhas is known as the southernmost point of Africa. It is the southernmost point of the African continent and offers an extraordinary view: At this place there is a symbiosis between the Indian and Atlantic Ocean and old ships wrecks tell stories of days long gone.

Hermanus in South Africa is considered to be the world's premier site for whale watching

Hermanus is well equipped with accommodation, restaurants and boutiques. Here you can get everything what you want. The city is also well known to whale watchers. The giants of the sea can already be seen from land. You keep emerging from the depths of the blue-green Atlantic to get some fresh air.

If you want to increase your chances, you can book a whale watching tour. The holidaymakers are taken out to sea on a boat to see the marine animals up close. The excursions last around three hours, but unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will spot whales

Betty’s Bay – for all Penguin Lovers

The beauty of the Garden Route has long been no secret. Every year thousands of holidaymakers are drawn to the deep regions of South Africa to get to the bottom of the beautiful places along the gorges and bays.

Nonetheless, Betty's Bay has so far been spared the crowds. The picturesque bay is a highlight of the Garden Route. Wild penguins live in the Stony Point Nature Reserve and use the beaches and bays of Betty's Bay.

Stellenbosch – for Wine Lovers

If you are looking for a good wine, you don't necessarily have to travel to France. South Africa has an extensive and well-known wine-growing region that is highly valued worldwide: Stellenbosch. The many wineries not only provide visitors with the liquid delicacies, but an overnight stay is also possible in Stellenbosch.

Garden Route Arrival

There are several options available to vacationers to tour the Garden Route. First of all, Cape Town can be approached by plane. However, this means that the Garden Route is scuttled in the opposite direction. Another option is to land in Johannesburg and travel on to Port Elizabeth. This is possible both by plane and by long-distance bus.

In the high season, the rental cars sell out quickly. It is advisable to book the car in advance of the trip.

Frequently asked questions about the Garden Route

How long is the Garden Route?

No general statement can be made about the length of the Garden Route. Depending on the route you prefer, the Garden Route is between 300 and 750 km long.

Where does the Garden Route begin and where does it end?

The official starting point of the Garden Route is Mossel Bay. The popular road in South Africa ends at the Tsitsikamma Mountains. .

What's so special about the Garden Route?

The Garden Route offers an incomparable panorama with countless highlights. Nature and fauna unfold in full bloom in this region and provide visitors with spectacular insights. In addition, the varied attractions drive away boredom and make a stay in South Africa a special experience for young and old!

Is the Garden Route safe?

The Garden Route is one of the safest places in South Africa. But as always: keep your eyes open!

Are there safari opportunities along the Garden Route?

The region offers countless opportunities to follow in the footsteps of wild animals. Various providers sell safari tours on which elephants, whales, giraffe, lions and co. can be viewed up close.

When is the best time to visit the Garden Route?

For holiday makers who are not used to the hot African climate, the best travel time is from March to May and August to October..

The conclusion - breathtaking diversity of nature

The Garden Route in South Africa is a destination for adventure seekers. The untamed landscape offers an incomparable panorama with countless highlights, including nature and wildlife unfolding before your eyes in full bloom to grant you spectacular insights into this world that are otherwise unseen by many people living far away from it all! Alongside these sights are other attractions which will keep boredom at bay while making sure each visitor has something different to remember about their time spent here- whether young or old they're guaranteed not have seen anything like what awaits them when visiting our country's interior.


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