Finest Beaches in Plettenberg Bay

Finest Beaches in Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay is home to spectacular beaches.

Plettenberg Bay is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in South Africa. It's a small town situated on the Garden Route, which opens up to some of the finest beaches, bays and lagoons imaginable.

Plettenberg Bay Beaches

There are many activities available for people who visit Plettenberg Bay including kayaking, windsurfing or hiking among others.

There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy delicious meals at any time of day. With so much to see and do from sun-up till sundown it's no wonder that this little seaside town has become such a favourite holiday spot with locals as well as visitors.

One of the best ways to explore this coastal town is by going on long scenic walks along some of its finest beaches, such as Lookout Beach, the Lagoon and Robberg Beach.

Lookout Beach 

If you’ve never been to Plettenberg Bay, it might be time for a visit. The Lookout Beach in this scenic town has everything from crystal clear water and impressive waves to restaurants at the beach, all of which make it one of Africa's best beaches.

Lookout Beach

It even boasts blue flag status and lifeguards on duty! So if you're looking for an unforgettable holiday experience, head down South with your family or friends today.

Lookout Beach - Entrance


We know just where you can stay while visiting Plettenberg Bay - La Vista Lodge is an ideal accommodation for those looking to explore the beauty of Plettenberg Bay. From your suite, you can watch tidal changes in the lagoon and enjoy views out over Lookout Beach and Pansyshell Sandbank

At the Beach Lookout Deck Restaurant and cocktail bar always has something enjoyable waiting nearby when hunger strikes.

Come see us soon!

Lookout Beach viewed from La Vista Lodge in Plettenberg Bay



Plettenberg Bay Lagoon

I had just arrived in South Africa and I was browsing the internet for some places to visit. There were many beautiful destinations but one kept catching my eye, Plettenberg Bay Lagoon.

Keurbooms Lagoon in Plettenberg Bay from above

The day was sunny and the air was crisp. The waves were crashing onto the wet sand and seagulls flew over head. It felt like heaven on earth to be in such a beautiful place. The everchanging Keurboomsriver Mouth just meters away.

Every day you're sure to find locals walking or running along with their dogs for some fresh air or simply just enjoy life by having coffee over looking the lagoon or ocean. 

book your holiday with us and spend a day at the lagoon with no set itinerary other than to spend as much time there as possible.

It is really lovely walking around the lagoon at sunrise and seeing how different each spot looks before coming back again in the late afternoon when it is all lit up with sunset colors.

Lagoon - Plettenberg Bay

Robberg Beach

The biggest difference between Plettenberg Bay and any other town is its proximity to the sea.

Robberg Beach

Spectacular Robberg Beach in Plettenberg Bay

It is quite impressive how far you can walk without seeing anyone else on such a long (4km) stretch of beach.

Robberg Beach

Plett Main Beach

Plettenberg Bay is a paradise. With all the fantastic restaurants, hotels and activities you’ll have no trouble making your holiday perfect!

Plett Main Beach - Sandsculpture

Plett Main Beach has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday. It’s not only an impressive, picturesque location with crystal clear waters but it also boasts some of Africa’s best restaurants like fat fish and bars at the beach.

Plett Main Beach is a wonderful spot for families with children. The lifeguards are always on duty and the beach water is very calm compared to Wilderness, Nature’s Valley, Tsitsikamma and Sedgefield.

So it's very safe for swimming as well. I remember when my son was learning to bodysurf here at Plett, he made some great progress!

The water was clear and calm. The air smelled like sea salt. We have been to beaches before, but the kids were happier here and that’s all that mattered. Eva looked at me with a sense of pride in her eyes as she ran up from behind me after finishing her trek on Robberg hiking trail to the Point on the other side of the bay. I smiled back at her as I played with my three-year old daughter who was playing in the sand by our feet; making sculptures with her daddy for hours!

Nature’s Valley Beach

A visit to Nature’s Valley might not be your typical holiday but it will make any trip worth while. Want to learn more about this incredible location?

Nature's Valley Beach

Contact us today and we'll provide all of the information you need to plan your stay at La Vista Lodge during your next Plett Holiday!




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