Honeymoon in South Africa - Romantic and Adventurous

Honeymoon in South Africa - Romantic and Adventurous

There are many things to take into consideration when planning a wedding, especially with so much at stake. From picking out your outfit and deciding on flowers for the tables or cakes; all of this needs careful thought before it’s too late. Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming, but it's worth all of the work to have a rewarding experience at your wedding day.


Honeymoons are all about relaxation, fun and togetherness. The newlyweds want to enjoy themselves without any cares or worries getting in their way so they can just concentrate on being with each other during this special time before life gets too hectic again! To make sure everything goes smoothly for them during the dream trip of a lifetime one thing needs deciding: where will you go?

South Africa is the top destination for honeymooners, with its large variety of activities and beautiful nature. It's not just a country in southern Africa; it has metropolises like Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban that line up directly along golden beaches or Cape Town right next door to an impressive mountain range inviting you go hiking or cycling while animal lovers can feast on Big Five grazing peacefully near waterfalls from safari's they are famous for; there really isn't need to compromise when visiting this utterly beautiful state!

Honeymooners in Cape Town - South Africa

The following article will explore what else there is here:

Interesting facts about South Africa

For those looking to take the honeymoon experience into their own hands and do something a little different, South Africa is an excellent destination. Those who plan on visiting this country should be aware of how long it will take them just for one flight there (11-and-a half hours or :) one night in the plane). This distance makes going by plane necessary so make sure you have enough time before your trip begins! 

Though it may seem like an incredible journey, the time difference between Germany and South Africa is only one hour during European Summer-Time. The African country leads in this regard as they do not use daylight saving season or clocks for that matter!

The South African Rand (ZAR) is the currency used in this country. You can also pay with credit cards and travellers cheques, though it might be customary to tip both when taking a taxi or restaurant service as well - about 10% would work best!

Best travel time & climate

South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere, which is why the climatic conditions differ significantly from our German regions. The country has a largely subtropical climate; Deviations are possible. This means that the best time to travel for a honeymoon is from October to March. At this time, South Africa is characterized by pleasant temperatures and many hours of sunshine. Another option is to choose the period from April to September. The weather is more moderate at this point.

Why honeymoon in South Africa?

The African continent exudes a magical attraction for us. The way of life, traditions and culture differ greatly from the German routine. It is tempting to discover the unknown and broaden your horizons of experience. Still, South Africa is more European than you might think. South Africa is known as the most developed country on the African continent. It has an excellent infrastructure and is similar in many respects to European countries. Accordingly, South Africa is ideally suited to immerse yourself in the world of Africa as a beginner and to explore the diversity and beauty of this unique continent.

Landscape & nature

Honeymooners hiking in Cape Town
It cannot be denied that South Africa is a dream. In not many places in the world there is such a great variety of landscapes as at the southern tip of the African continent: impressive deserts, dense rainforests, beautiful lagoons, tropical wetlands, green valleys and impressive mountain formations contribute to the diversity.

Nature and animal lovers in particular get their money's worth here: South Africa is home to more than 20,000 animal and plant species. On a walking safari tour or while hiking in the countless regional parks, the newlyweds can follow the traces of the extraordinary flora and fauna.

Culture & sights

Those who have had enough of the beaches and rocky bays can visit Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. The big cities convey the African flair and convince with interesting tourist attractions such as Marine World in Durban or the entertainment center Lost City in Cape Town. A visit to the prison island Robben Island, the lighthouse at the Cape of Good Hope and a trip to Table Mountain are essential.

Recreation & leisure activities

The coast of South Africa, which stretches over 3000 km, is sensational.

South African Shore

Bathing and relaxation lovers can replenish their energy reserves on the beaches and enjoy the sunset right by the sea. More romance on your honeymoon is hardly possible.

Robberg Beach in South Africa

The Atlantic and Indian Oceans are also a real highlight for athletes. Surfing, sailing and diving are the order of the day in the bays and even whales and dolphins can be spotted from time to time. Hiking tours, mountaineering, deep sea fishing and golfing are also made possible by the varied landscapes.

Giraffe in Kruger Park - South Africa

Probably the biggest plus point of South Africa, however, is the diverse biodiversity of the animals. In wildlife parks - such as the Kruger National Park or the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, deep insights into the animal world are offered. During a safari experience, giraffe, lions, zebras, elephants and the like can be admired up close. If you are in the mood for adventure and new impressions, you can also spend a few nights in the safari lodges.


South African cuisine couldn't be more colorful. In almost every region there are regional delicacies that are influenced by different cultures.

Culinary in South Africa

While the big cities draw inspiration from Europe, Asia and America, the rural areas are shaped by African cuisine. The menu includes antelopes, buffets and ostriches, which are served with corn porridge and local vegetables. For dessert there are syrup biscuits, fresh fruit and a glass of Pinotage - South African red wine.

The accommodations on the coast mainly serve their guests fish and seafood. The harvest often comes from the morning catch and is freshly prepared. During your honeymoon, be sure to attend a traditional braai. This is a South African barbecue, where delicacies such as wild steaks and boerewors - delicious fried sausages - are served.

Honeymoon highlights in South Africa

All wishes will be fulfilled on your honeymoon in South Africa:

  • Beach vacation on the Atlantic and Indian Ocean
  • Safaris and excursions in the national parks
  • Unique impressions of the African wilderness
  • Whales, dolphins, great white sharks and the like between the waves
  • City trips to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban
  • Impressive landscapes shaped by waterfalls, mountains and Indigenous Forests

A road trip along the Garden Route

A road trip along the Garden Route is particularly popular with travelers. Anyone who takes this route will get a good overview of the diversity of South Africa. Coastal regions - such as the Knysna Lagoon, the Robberg Peninsula or Mossel Bay - border on mountain landscapes, nature parks and large cities. A stop in Tsitsikamma National Park is recommended. The largely untouched natural landscape is ideal for kayaking, hiking along the steep coast and visiting the famous suspension bridge over Storms River Mouth.

Find out More about Garden Route Holiday here

Recreation in Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay is often referred to as the heart of the Garden Route. The city is located in the South African province of Western Cape and is located directly on the sea. Due to its central location, Plettenberg Bay is the ideal starting point for tours and excursions.

The Birds of Eden - the largest free-flight dome in the world - is just a few minutes' drive away. More than 3,500 birds can be admired in the two hectare forest. Monkeyland is in the immediate vicinity.

Monkey in South Africa

The institution has set itself the task of rehabilitating private homes and zoos.
The Keurboom River Nature Reserve also ensures fun and adventure. There are countless opportunities to do sports in this unique location: hiking, fishing, swimming or canoeing are just a few options.

But Plettenberg Bay actually has a lot to offer: The coast of Plett impresses with seven beaches that offer great views of the sea. The majestic ocean inhabitants can be observed during ocean safaris. During the boat tour you can catch spectacular views of sharks, sea birds, whales, seals and dolphins.

Another insider tip for a stunning view is La Vista Lodge. The hotel reads every wish from the eyes of the guests and convinces with great service and a unique atmosphere. The hotel's honeymoon suite spoils the newlyweds with a view of the sea and the lagoon on their own veranda and offers togetherness and comfort.

Our Honeymoon Suite

The hotel's own restaurant serves all kinds of delicacies and specialties every day. The products come from regional cultivation and are even partially obtained from the freshly planted food forest. The food forest is the personal project of La Vista Lodge with the aim of gaining edible permacultures for guests and employees.

If you can break away from the ambience of La Vista Lodge, take a stroll through town. The small coastal town has a lot of cafes that offer sweet desserts and aromatic coffee.

Coffee and Cake

Elaborate cakes in a variety of flavors await you at Clare's Cakes and Cafe. If you are hungry for something hearty, a visit to the Peppermill Cafe is worthwhile. In Knysna, the Ile de païn regularly hits the headlines. A small bakery with everything your heart desires.

Cape Town & the Cape of the Good Hope

Cape Town is made up of many districts that have different attractions. The city is a stronghold of multiculturalism that inspires people from all over the world. During your stay in Cape Town you should visit Table Mountain - the symbol of the rainbow nation - at the foot of which concerts are held in summer. You should also definitely plan a hike to the Cape of Good Hope.

Unforgettable safaris

Anyone who opts for a honeymoon in South Africa should definitely not miss an encounter with the rare animals. Various options are available here: 

Game Drives & Walking Safaris

Classically, the tours are done with an off-road vehicle. In this way, the reserves with the exotic species can be crossed quickly and safely. This option is particularly suitable for couples who value comfort and who want to cover long distances.

Those who can walk well can go on a walking safari. With the help of local rangers, the landscape is searched for traces of the animals. Here survival training is combined with observing animals.

The Big Five with an equestrian safari

In addition, the Big Five can also be viewed from the back of a horse. The ride is a wonderful experience that
Encounters of a special kind allows. Beginners and professionals are equally welcome.

Honeymoon in South Africa with the Rental car

South Africa is a country that stretches for many kilometers. In order to be independent and free to make decisions, it is advisable to use a rental car. Excursions can therefore be made according to personal preferences and your own schedule.

Which rental car makes sense in South Africa?

In general, it is possible to cross the South African landscape with any type of vehicle. However, taller cars, such as an off-road vehicle, are particularly comfortable and practical. An automatic transmission can make it easier to find your way around in left-hand traffic.

What to look out for as a self-drive driver on a honeymoon in South Africa

  • An international driver's license is required to rent a rental car in South Africa.
  • A credit card is required as security when collecting the vehicle.
  • A navigation system as a helpful companion
  • Do not overtax yourself! Four hours of travel between stations are a good guide! You should plan two overnight stays per location.

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