TOP 30 Plettenberg Bay Activities for Couples

TOP 30 Plettenberg Bay Activities for Couples

Certainly! Plettenberg Bay offers a range of activities that are perfect for couples on their honeymoon. Here are thirty activities that you might consider:

  1. Take a romantic sunset cruise in the bay, which offers stunning views of the coastline and lagoon.

  2. Enjoy a couples' massage at one of Plettenberg Bay's many spas, which offer a range of treatments to help you relax and unwind.

  3. Take a hike in the Robberg Nature Reserve, which offers breathtaking views of the coastline and wildlife. 

  4. Go on a whale watching tour, which gives you a chance to see these majestic creatures up close.

  5. Visit the Birds of Eden sanctuary, which houses a range of bird species in a natural setting.

  6. Have a picnic on one of Plettenberg Bay's beautiful beaches, such as the near Lookout Beach or Keurboomsstrand.

  7. Take a cooking class at one of Plettenberg Bay's culinary schools, where you can learn to prepare delicious South African cuisine.

  8. Visit the Elephant Sanctuary, where you can interact with these gentle giants and learn more about them.

  9. Take a horseback ride, which is a romantic and unique way to explore the coastline and nature’s beauty. 

  10. Visit local markets, such as the Harkerville Market or the Midweek Market at Old Nick just down the road, where you can find locally-made crafts and foods.

  11. Take a skydive trip from the near Plett Airport, which offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and an adrenaline rush.

  12. Go on a wine tasting tour in the nearby Plett Winelands, which is home to some of South Africa's best vineyards.

  13. Have a romantic dinner at one of Plettenberg Bay's many fine dining restaurants, such as Emily Moon, Lemongrass or The Fat Fish. Or book a table at La Vista Lodge for an unforgettable evening.

  14. Visit the Monkeyland sanctuary, where you can see a variety of primates up close and compare them to your partner ;)

  15. Take a day trip to the Tsitsikamma National Park (1h drive) which offers a range of hiking trails (suspension bridges, view points, waterfall) and epic outdoor activities.

  16. Take a helicopter tour, which offers a bird's eye view of Plettenberg Bay and the surrounding area.

  17. Go bungee jumping at the Bloukrans Bridge, which is the highest commercial bungee jump in the world with a height of 216m and see the blue sky with a grey bar from left to right (the bridge from underneath).

  18. Take a kayaking trip on the lagoon beneath La Vista Lodge which offers a peaceful and relaxing way to explore the waterways together and check out if you can see your Breakfast Table and umbrellas from the lagoon.

  19. Plan your next safari together in one of the game reserves, such as the Addo Elephant Park or the Amakhala Game Reserve.

  20. Take a scuba diving or snorkeling with the seals trip, which allows you to explore the underwater world of the Indian Ocean upclose with seals. Watch out for the resident sharks at Robberg :)

  21. Visit the Knysna Heads, by car or hike the Heads which offer stunning views of the Knysna lagoon and the ocean.

  22. Take a paragliding or hang gliding lesson, which is a thrilling and unique way to see the coastline.

  23. Visit the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour, which offers a unique perspective of the indigenous forest from above.

  24. Go zip-lining, which is a fun and exciting way to see the forest and the surrounding countryside.

  25. Take a surfing lesson, which is a fun and active way to spend a day on the beach.

  26. Go quad biking, e-Scooter or mountain biking, which offers a thrilling and adventurous way to explore the countryside.

  27. Take a paddleboarding lesson, which is a fun and challenging way to explore the lagoon.

  28. Visit a local art gallery, such as the Old Nick Village or the Plett Art's Festival.

  29. Take a cooking class together to learn how to make delicious South African meals.

  30. Enjoy a romantic picnic at one of many great viewpoints (Lookout Whale Tale Bench, Robberg Peninsula, Deck above Central Beach,…) with local wine and delicious cheese from the Knysna cheeseman while taking in the beautiful views of the bay.

These activities offer a wide range of experiences for couples to enjoy during their honeymoon.

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